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With bootlegs there's often a danger of confusing rarity with quality: whispered fan legends can wither when exposed to commercial sunlight. But as the man says, the beat it comes out better on a stolen guitar, and Santa Monica '72 earns its fan reputation. This is at once a snapshot of a hungry group on terrific form, and a fascinating look at an emergent star.

Back to the music: in ., Bowie was already experimenting writing lyrics with what he called the “cut-out method,” which was something William S. Burroughs had famously employed on his novel Nova Express , an anti-narrative method that he’d actually devised with writer-artist Brion Gysin which involved randomly splicing together phrases from various sources and inserting them into his own text.

Compilations: ChangesOneBowie (1976) • ChangesTwoBowie (1981) • Rare (1982) • Stardust From the 70's (1984) • TV Rebell (1989) • Shadow Man (1989) • Sound + Vision (1989) • Early On (1964-66) (1991) • The Singles Collection (1993) • The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones (1997) •

Peter Hince, head of Queen's road crew in the 1980s, when the band collaborated with Bowie on Under Pressure, has hinted that there was far more to the collection than the public knew of.

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Well, there was one neighbor who bugged him. In the least rock-star move ever, Bowie complained to Courtney Love, who also lived at 285 Lafayette, about her stereo being too loud.

But there will be other concerns, as well. SpaceX will need the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency will have to ensure that a car in space “does not jeopardize public health and safety, safety of property, . national security or foreign policy interests, or international obligations of the United States,” according to the FAA.

David Bowie - Santa MonicaDavid Bowie - Santa MonicaDavid Bowie - Santa MonicaDavid Bowie - Santa Monica