Homecomings - don't worry boys

Alaskan Malamutes can live up to 12 years. Please read   " How could you "  , below, before deciding to bring a new family member into your life.

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Even when they are “home.” That’s another joke. “Home” can mean not on deployment, but constantly traveling. Funny, isn’t it? Home can mean not traveling but working 14-hour days. So we take kids to school concerts, sports games and put them to bed at night. Just because our husbands aren’t deployed doesn’t mean they are available….which brings me back to number four.

34.  I love saying this – “Live until you laugh, laugh until it hurts, hurt until you cry, cry until you Heal”…please, never hold it in.

Homecomings - Don't Worry BoysHomecomings - Don't Worry BoysHomecomings - Don't Worry BoysHomecomings - Don't Worry Boys