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I hope you will join me and learn more about Margaret Rock and her brother John Rock. I can also introduce to the people who made this all possible.

After retiring from London to live in lavish state at Greenwich , Margaret was occupied with the care of her young son and did not display any signs of political will until she believed her husband was threatened with deposition by the ambitious Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York , [8] who, to her consternation, had been appointed regent while Henry was mentally incapacitated from 1453 to 1454. The duke was a credible claimant to the English throne and by the end of his regency there were many powerful nobles and relatives prepared to back his claim. The Duke of York was powerful; Henry's advisers corrupt; Henry himself trusting, pliable, and increasingly unstable; Margaret defiantly unpopular, grimly and gallantly determined to maintain the English crown for her progeny. Yet at least one scholar identifies the source of the eventual Lancastrian downfall not as York's ambitions nearly so much as Margaret's ill-judged enmity toward York and her over-indulgence in unpopular allies. [9] Nevertheless, Queen Margaret was a powerful force in the world of politics. King Henry was putty in her hands when she wanted something done. [10]

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Susan James has published an article proposing that the miniature is of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox (see: James, Susan E. "Lady Margaret Douglas and Sir Thomas Seymour by Holbein: Two Miniatures Re-identified" Apollo , Vol. 147, No. 435, 1998).

On his gravestone, it states: " May your spirit live, May you spend millions of years, You who love Thebes, Sitting with your face to the north wind, Your eyes beholding happiness" and "O night, spread thy wings over me as the imperishable stars."

See the Inquisition Post Mortem of Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk #235-263, followed by her grandson, Thomas Mowbray (son of Elizabeth Seagrave and John Mowbray) #264-305 http:///cipm-18-part-iii [14]

proper name, from Old French Huard , from a Germanic source similar to Old High German *Hugihard "heart-brave," or *Hoh-weard , literally "high defender; chief guardian." Also probably in some cases a confusion with cognate Old Norse Haward , and as a surname also with unrelated Hayward . In some rare cases from Old English eowu hierde "ewe herd."

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