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[ userinfo | livejournal userinfo ] [ archive | journal archive ] - Birmingham Academy 2 [Mar. 7th, 2009| 09:04 pm ] perfectblue [ Tags | concerts , fucked up , live , music , rolo tomassi , the bronx ] [ feelin' | content ] [ np --> | The Bronx - Knifeman ]
Birmingham Academy 2 - Shred Yr Face 2 tour feat. Rolo Tomassi/Fucked Up/The Bronx

I must confess I wasn't even aware of the first Shred Yr Face tour but if this second one is anything to go by it's a damn good idea. The tour has it's own website and checking it out before I set off there was a message advising people to get there early as there were some special guests taking the stage at 7:15pm, before Rolo Tomassi even. It didn't really say much more than that other than it was a special thing because it was the last night of the tour.

As it turned out it was a band called Jedi Nites, I use the term band loosely because i'm fairly sure it was Matt & Jorma from the Bronx under those balaclava's. At the back of the stage was a simple white sheet with flourescent tape spelling out Jedi Nites in big letters (they later auctioned this banner off at the merch table, after it had been autographed) the band took to the stage to the intro music of Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses which put a smile on my face. They played about two or three songs which elicited mostly positive reactions from the slightly taken aback crowd. Especially well received was the I Love Smoking song (i'm not sure if that's the actual title but that sums it up pretty well).

At about 7:45pm Rolo Tomassi took to the stage, the only British band on the tour they seemed to have their own share of fans in the crowd, most notably the guy at the front who was over 6" tall, really skinny and had a huge frizzy perm thingie. Awesome. Anyway, i'd not really listened to any RT before but they play some kinda scream/spazzcore stuff with random 8 bit sounding keyboard samples and a male/female vocal team. Probably the most impressive thing about them was the woman singer, for such a slight frame she could really scream. Also her daring anyone in the crowd to come find her after the show was a bit...well i'm not sure...but it takes balls I guess?

Next up were Toronto's very own Fucked Up who i'd heard a couple of songs from before but wasn't too familiar with. Wow, just wow, this was kinda like the second time I saw Gallows in the raw power of it, they play abrasive hardcore punk, a little bit less melody than The Bronx but no less fun because of it. Several seconds into the first song and the crowd went nuts, I seized this opportunity to dive into the crush of people and get a bit nearer the front. It was hot as hell and with people jumping all over the place you just had to kinda go with the flow as far as trying to move goes. For those of you who aren't familiar with this band the singer is this huge guy called Damian who is probably about 6'5" and built like a house. He was on fine form, shirtless from about half way through the first song, leaning out into the crowd who were lovingly grabbing at his bald head and man boobs and later on, up and over the barrier and rampaging around in the crowd - eventually making his way over to the bar on the other side of the room and continuing to sing stood on top of it (as with gallows, cue rather worried looking bar staff XD). By this time the temperature in there was already soaring and people weren't so much dripping sweat as pouring it out by the bucketload. Their set saw the first crowd surfing of the evening. Overall I was really impressed, by their sheer visceral power, and the energy of their live show I think I need to look into this band some more *_*

Finally, the band I had gone to see, The Bronx! I have seen them once before when they toured with Cancer Bats & Rise Against back in 2007 and they pretty much blew me away but they were only the support act that time so their set was shorter (they blew Rise Against off the stage btw). This time however they were headlining so I was looking forward to the full experience and they didn't dissapoint. They took to the stage just after 9:30pm and from the first song the place went absolutely nuts, I thought the crowd's reaction to Fucked Up was energetic, this was way more so! There was a circle pit in the middle and I lost count of the number of crowd surfers flying past my head. As it was the last night of the tour the band were in a party mood, and so it seems were the audience :D They played the majority of the songs from their most recent S/T album as well as most of the old favorites. The only real omission was Cobra Lucha but I'd be hard pressed to fault them on anything Matt was a ball of energy bouncing around the stage and later out into the crowd. There were mass singalongs to old favorites in particular a stellar rendition of White Guilt. At the end, Damian and one of the guitarists from Fucked Up came back out to join them for a cover of Black Flag's 'Police Story' which went down a storm.

Songs they played (I probably forgot some and not necessarily in order):

Young Bloods
White Guilt
They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
Heart Attack American
False Alarm
Shitty Future
History's Stranglers
Past Lives
Six Days A Week
Around The Horn
Rape Zombie
Digital Leash
Police Story (Black Flag Cover)

As for merch, I got a rather nice Bronx hoodie and a White Drugs (their record label) t-shirt, they had a deal where it was cheaper if you bought them together *_*. link 2 comments | post comment
bee [Jan. 18th, 2008| 07:59 am ] perfectblue Apparently Flower Travellin' Band are back together again :-o

I read they will tour and release a new album (though no concrete release date yet).

http:/// link post comment
Best of 2007 [Jan. 1st, 2008| 05:35 pm ] perfectblue [ feelin' | cheerful ] [ np --> | Discharming Man - また遭う日まで ]
Yes it's that time of year again, the favorite albums of 200x meme, so without further ado:

01. Dax Riggs - We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
02. All . - Moves All
03. Great Adventure - OK Screamer
04. The Zico Chain - Food
05. Qomolangma Tomato - チョモと僕は柵の中
06. Reuben - In Nothing We Trust
07. Ow - Moon Tan
08. Eksperimentoj - Eksperimentoj
09. The Heads & The Big Naturals - Rituals Volume One
10. The→China Wife Motors - Hello. Motor City link post comment
(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2007| 09:40 am ] perfectblue [ feelin' | content ]
Computer going down for Xmas, back in a few days.

Have a nice xmas or whatever you celebrate *_* link post comment
Sherbets stuff [Dec. 18th, 2007| 08:32 am ] perfectblue [ feelin' | excited ]
Yes, one last entry about Miracle, this is probably old news, but they released the tracklist for the bonus DVD, basically it's a pv collection containing 12 videos.

01. High School
02. 38Special
03. グレープジュース (Grape Juice)
04. Taxi Driver
05. 三輪バギー (Sanlin Buggy)
06. カミソリソング (Kamisori Song)
07. Black Jenny
08. Love Jobin Dug
09. サリー (Sally)
10. わらのバッグ (Straw Bag)
11. Brixton Madness Party Generation
12. Iceland Boy

The only real ommissions are the PV for Ghost and a couple of other ones SSTV lists as having videos for (君の肩に触れて, 君の肩にふれて (LIVE VER.) and 38 Special (浅井健一 ver.))

Overall though this looks to be an awesome package *_* Nice quality Sherbets PV's at last, and fairly comprehensive too, much better than the bonus DVD that came with Siberian Madness anyway.

And on a further related note, for anyone Sherbets obsessed enough to have ordered both DVD's like I did, there are apparently some small bonus clips tacked onto the original VHS content, as follows:

Cold Mink Movie - Live footage of Siberia & 760 from Shinjuku Flags Rooftop Live

Driving Sally - Live footage of Vietnam & Sanlin Buggy from Tokyo Hibiya Live.

I'm going to be a ball of fanboyish excitement when this stuff finally arrives *_* link 3 comments | post comment
Sherbets - Miracle (2007/12/19) [Nov. 19th, 2007| 08:05 pm ] perfectblue [ Tags | kenichi asai , music , sherbets , win ] [ feelin' | cheerful ]
Tracklist announced over at Cold Mink Club:

1. Iceland Boy
2. Rainbow Surfer
3. ニテルネ
4. カルフォルニアドリーミング
5. 見知らぬ橋
6. トライベッカホテル
8. 赤いスポーツカー
9. Ray
10. コリー
11. フラフープ
12. 冷たい愛

Bonus DVD is a PV collection, from the sounds of it.

I for one, can't wait for this *_* link post comment
Sherbets Return! [Oct. 31st, 2007| 07:30 am ] perfectblue [ feelin' | ecstatic ] [ np --> | Sherbets - Roll Over the Devil (Live) ]
Thats right, not only is there a new album entitled 'Miracle' but also they are finally releasing their two VHS tapes 'Driving Sally' and 'Cold Mink Movie' on DVD, something i've been hoping for for years now. It's going to be a good Xmas *_*

link post comment
meme [Oct. 1st, 2007| 07:22 pm ] perfectblue [ np --> | MISSAAIIRU MAN *_* yey ]
Not sure how many times I did this meme already but it's that time again *_*

Tagged by feyfey

List 7 songs you are into right now. No matter what thegenre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good but theymust be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions inyour LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see whatthey're listening to in absolute random order.

01. Kill The Poltergeist Urban Security - [Stereo-Type #02 ] 京成スカイライナー
02. Joy - [ジョイは危険予知 #02 ] 瞬間は寸前
03. Morgue Side Cinema - [. - Newage #05 ] Dead Air
04. Qomolangma Tomato - [チョモと僕は柵の中 #01 ] Through Your Reality
05. The Birthday - [Rollers Romantics #09 ] KIKI The Pixy
06. The Zico Chain - [Zico Chain #01 ] Rohypnol
07. ↑The High-Lows↓ - [THE HIGH-LOWS] ミサイルマン

Tagged: whoever feels like it, and hasn't done it in the past day or two already. link 1 comment | post comment
I'm back [Sep. 22nd, 2007| 12:02 pm ] perfectblue [ Current Location | home ] [ feelin' | spacy ]
Well, on the plus side, I'm back, I'm married and my wife's visa has arrived meaning she can move here on Thursday as planned :D

On the not-so-plus side: don't you just love coming home from a three week vacation to find your PC has been inhabited by several lovely Trojans courtesy of your not very computer savvy family family and their ability to click seemingly any pop-up that comes along, no matter how suspect looking?

Well, I think that's under control now, but it took all morning.

I'm not too keen on this forced updating of MSN but oh well, I guess we knew it was coming, at least the the plus extension has been updated too, so I don't have to use it bare.

I'm still feeling a bit dazed, maybe it's jet lag, not sure but I can't go to sleep yet anyway.

Oh, feyfey the first two Inugami singles arrived *_* didn't rip/listen to them yet though. link 6 comments | post comment
(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2007| 04:29 am ] perfectblue [ feelin' | excited ] [ np --> | Dax Riggs - Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain ]
Well i'm away, see you in three weeks folks :D link 1 comment | post comment
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