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Take a spin on the Wheel of Light's Injustice! Where every draw is different, but they all have one thing in common: The odds of it actually being what you want are just a 1 in 4 spin away! So, without any further ado... What's? Under? That? Cloth? ...Ooh, tough luck, pal! Best of luck with all those Taunts against this Priest. I hear he's got some new... Oh. Well, that's just unfortunate. But that's the chance you take with the Wheel of Light's Injustice! See you next time, folks!

Wondrous items not worn in one of the magic item slots are called “slotless” wondrous items. Sometimes these items take the form of trinkets, like figurines of wondrous power . Other times they are larger items, such as the carpet of flying . Typically the possession of such an item is enough to gain its benefit, but sometimes one must manipulate and activate the item.

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King’s Theatre acknowledges that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral lands and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people. We pay respect to the Elders past and present.

Master Wang's Ten Day Intensive:
December 2017

Organizer: Mr. Richard Liao

Overlooking the river Seine, like a mysterious starship navigating the mysterious turbulence of artists’ imaginations, it dominates the view. A troubling fragrance floats between the raw cement walls of its wide, maze-like passageways, where a crowd of zealous and enlightened visitors feverishly gathers: intoxicating wisps of smoky wood, warm skin and metallic vibrations. Box of 125 sticks.

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