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Moreover, as a result of the break-up of the relations with the Soviet Union , China was confronted with total economic collapse. The readjustment of the economy started in 1961, and took place under the leadership of Liu Shaoqi , Deng Xiaoping , Chen Yun and others. Mao accepted the responsibility for the disasters and withdrew to Shanghai . From here, he plotted his return to the pinnacle of power, which resulted in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution .

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Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues -- Michele Sivori
Highway 61 Revisited -- Left of Center
As I Went Out One Morning -- Ghosts of Electricity

Raúl Manuel Rodríguez of El Dictamen said that "Selena displayed an instinctive voice on catchy melodies ". He also said that "Como La Flor" helped build awareness for Selena and her band . He also stated that the song "best fits with Mexico" because of its Tejano sounds. [16] Victoria Díaz of Grupo Reforma , believed that the song was one of the biggest hits in Tejano history. She also said that "Como La Flor" helped younger people to like Tejano music, which was never done before. She finished her rating with a 5 out of 5 score. [17] Carmen Lopez of Novedades de México , stated that "Como La Flor" showcases Selena's "exotic voice". Lopez also stated that the song was given positive responses from fans when it was released. She ended her review with "[...] a song that will never die". [18]

Berger takes a marker and fills a whiteboard from top to bottom with a line of circles that represent neurons. Next to each one, he draws a horizontal line that has a different pattern of blips on it. “This is you in my brain,” he says. “My hippocampus has already formed a long-term memory of you. I’ll remember you into next week. But how can I distinguish you from the next person? Let’s say there are 500,000 cells in the hippocampus that represent you, and there are all sorts of things that each cell is coding—like how your nose is relative to your eyebrow—and they code that with different patterns. So the reality of the nervous system is really complicated, which is why we’re still asking such basic, limited questions about it.”

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Various - Exitos Bailables - Volumen 1Various - Exitos Bailables - Volumen 1Various - Exitos Bailables - Volumen 1Various - Exitos Bailables - Volumen 1