Chee malabar - the beautiful rowdy prisoners

Turbo charged and proudly politically incorrect Boston’s popular Muslim punkers, The Kominas have been fighting in the emotional trenches for years.

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Before serving, martabak usually is cut into portions. Sometimes it is eaten with sweet and salty soy sauce and pepper. Savoury versions of martabak in Indonesia , Malaysia and Singapore usually is served with acar or pickled condiment consisting of diced cucumber, sliced carrot, shallots and sliced chillies in sweetened vinegar. In Malaysia, Singapore and some areas in Sumatra , martabak is served with kari ( curry ) gravy. In Palembang, another variety of martabak is egg-martabak (eggs dropped into the flatten dough before folded while frying) served in curry (usually diced potatoes in beef curry) and topped with chillies in sweet-sour soy sauce called Martabak Haji Abdul Rozak , or more commonly known as Martabak HAR , made popular by an Indian Indonesian named Haji Abdul Rozak. There is also a popular martabak variant from Padang , West Sumatra called Martabak Kubang , which is served with light curry as dipping sauce. [2]

bismillâhi ar-Rahmân ar-Rahîm, wa salla Allâhu ta’âlâ ‘alâ Sayyidinâ Muhammadin wa ‘alâ âlihi wa sahbihi wa sallim. {Allâhuma} yâ Shadîd al-Quwwa, wa yâ Shadîd al-Mihâl, ya ‘Azîzu dhallat li ‘izzatika jamî’ khalqik; ikfinî min jamî’i khalqik, yâ Muhsin, yâ Mujammil, yâ Mutafaddil, yâ Mun’im, yâ Mukrim, yâ man lâ ilâha illâ Anta, bi rahmatika yâ Arham ar-Râhimîn.

hey ! Je souffle mes 41 bougies dans un mois .
Mes parents m’ont appellée Royale et j’aime beaucoup ce prénom.

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Chee Malabar - The Beautiful Rowdy PrisonersChee Malabar - The Beautiful Rowdy PrisonersChee Malabar - The Beautiful Rowdy PrisonersChee Malabar - The Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners