No doubt - the videos 1992 - 2003

No Duh has been mentioned by Gwen Stefani in interviews. She says, "they're amazing" & says of our lead singer,
"... I was almost jealous of her because she [Spen] was just so cute...". No Doubt says, "No Duh rules!". And they should know, they have seen & performed with No Duh. The band has appeared on local, national & international Television & Radio including a full length feature on " Good Morning America " , “ CNN Headline News ” & on AXS TV's "World's Greatest Tribute Bands".

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The album's release fueled a dispute between Trauma and Interscope Records over No Doubt's recording contract. Trauma sued for US$ 100 million for breach of contract , fraud , and extortion and sought to have its joint venture agreement ended, claiming that Interscope had reneged on its contract after the band had become more successful than expected. [10] No Doubt had previously stated that it had switched to Trauma Records and that the transition was "really great...because now we have the attention and the focus of a small indie label." [17] The case was settled out of court with a $3 million payment. [18]

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No Doubt - The Videos 1992 - 2003No Doubt - The Videos 1992 - 2003No Doubt - The Videos 1992 - 2003No Doubt - The Videos 1992 - 2003