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I hope you don't let our Federal and State government's rules and regulations get you down. Keep it simple and don't over complicate it!

Details on the support lifecycle of Microsoft products can be found at http:///gp/lifepolicy . As a part of this support lifecycle, Microsoft will continue to support the Visual Basic runtime on supported Windows versions for the support lifetime of those operating systems. This means, for example, that the Visual Basic runtime will be supported on Windows Server 2003 until June, 2008 for Mainstream Support and June, 2013 for Extended Support. For more details on the support lifecycle or to find out about additional support options, please visit our support page at http:///support .

praveen, u do one thing,go to google and type ur lappy model and then type bluetooth driver download it will help you lot,and secnd way type hp drivers support on google then open hp site andtype ur model then download ur needable drivers ok take care

Bit By Bit - Bit By BitBit By Bit - Bit By BitBit By Bit - Bit By BitBit By Bit - Bit By Bit