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Paresthesia is an interesting condition in that its symptoms originate from a wide range of possibilities. In other words, paresthesia may have many
potential causes. In the last section, we mentioned some of paresthesia’s potential causes. Here’s a brief look at more potential causes:

There are many factors that can increase or decrease the toxicity of toxicants or stressors, making interpretation of test results difficult. These can be chemical, biological, or toxicological.

Chronic coughing goes on and on; chronic lateness occurs day after day; chronic lameness never seems to get any better. Unfortunately, situations that we call chronic almost always seem to be unpleasant. We never hear about chronic peace, but we do hear about chronic warfare. And we never speak of chronic health, only of chronic illness.

After graduation, Kevin plans to apply his education in polymers to meaningful applications in industry, potentially in the medical device field.

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Various - The ChronicVarious - The ChronicVarious - The ChronicVarious - The Chronic