Modraniht - to the dark mothers

 · 100 AD: Roman writer Tacitus is quite clear that the Germanic tribes in Continental Europe used human sacrifice in the 1st century AD to Woden or Odin or ...

Yule had previously been celebrated for three nights from midwinter night, according to the saga. Haakon planned that when he had solidly established himself and held power over the whole country, he would then "have the gospel preached". According to the saga, the result was that his popularity caused many to allow themselves to be baptised, and some people stopped making sacrifices. Haakon spent most of this time in Trondheim . When Haakon believed that he wielded enough power, he requested a bishop and other priests from England, and they came to Norway. On their arrival, "Haakon made it known that he would have the gospel preached in the whole country." The saga continues, describing the different reactions of various regional things . [12]

1720 AD: Elements of English folklore survived to 1720s with the winter custom of the Yule log. Antlers were used in a dance for reindeer and have been carbon dated to the 1000s and were likely brought in from Norway.

5) Matrons were worshipped by all sorts of folk: women and men, common folk and leaders, soldiers and civilians; they had a very broad base of worshippers.

Modraniht - To The Dark MothersModraniht - To The Dark MothersModraniht - To The Dark Mothers