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Williams has the class and ability to force his way into World Cup calculations should his body, which so often lets him down, hold up through the rigours of a full A-League season, provided Australia make it to the finals by seeing off Honduras on Wednesday night.

Have you ever been so spellbound by something you see that you can hardly take your eyes off it? Maybe it’s a snow-capped mountain, an urban cityscape or a sunset over the ocean. Whatever it is, you are so fascinated by its grandeur, nuances and vibrance. Without diverting your gaze,...

RILEY: It was knocked down twice and rebuilt like Churchill and his career, his long and storied career. He always persevered. He kept coming back.

Apple isn’t exactly strapped for cash, having set a revenue record of almost $80 billion this fiscal year. But Ahrendts insists the in-store experience isn’t cheapened just because there are products for sale.
“This is a little bit of a harder question. But I know you’ve thought so much about this. Can you foster a sense of community at the same time having a commercial objective?” O’Donnell asked.
“Yeah. I’ve thought a lot about it. And – and I would argue it’s kind of what Apple’s always done anyway,” Ahrendts said. “I think we’ve always been this energy hub if you will. We’re just empowering the teams to take it so much further.”

What’s more, supporters of the popular vote plan haven’t stopped to consider the problems inherent in managing such a system. Will we have to create and pay for a new federal agency to verify the accuracy of popular vote totals? Probably.

The “modern farmhouse” design with large windows is divided between 11,000 square feet for the bar and restaurant on the upper level and 3,000 square feet for the café and creamery on the ground floor, where you can enjoy your morning coffee and homemade bagels and doughnuts. That butter for your English muffin will be made from scratch, too, as will the after-dinner ice cream.

For Keeps - Morning TownFor Keeps - Morning TownFor Keeps - Morning TownFor Keeps - Morning Town