Quincy jones - q live in paris circa 1960

Q's Jook Joint is an album by Quincy Jones , released on November 7, 1995 through Qwest Records. This was Jones ' first studio album in six years, preceded by Back on ...

Of course, Q produced MJ's 3 biggest albums -- "Off the Wall," "Thriller" and "Bad" -- and says the defendants have screwed him out of money earned off that amazing string of hits.

In the end, Quincy Jones became more than just a player. He probably would have never had the same impact on modern American music had he remained only a trumpeter. Though competent on the instrument, he could not attain the virtuosic heights of the players he most admired: Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Fats Navarro, Art Farmer, and, especially, Clifford Brown.

Headphones, even more than loudspeakers, can get away with murder if one listens to them for long enough to get acclimatised. To put it another way, first impressions are very important – that's when you really hear the colorations.

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JONES: Well, we were on the front porch in the South Side of Chicago, in Prairie. And they took her away. She was a graduate of Boston University. Twelve languages, all that stuff. Dementia praecox, they took her away in a straitjacket. My brother's a year younger than me, and we watched on the front porch. And, you know, God's plan is for Oedipus, with sons and mothers, and daddies and daughters, right? Better believe it, I had six girls. They say the bad guys — the good guys get boys, and the bad guys get girls. I got six girls, one boy. So I —

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Quincy Jones - Q Live in Paris circa 1960Quincy Jones - Q Live in Paris circa 1960Quincy Jones - Q Live in Paris circa 1960Quincy Jones - Q Live in Paris circa 1960