Wrinkle - bad hex - spectral glow

No, wait, hear us out. There’s more to this than underrated or misunderstood movies. The Tourist is indeed a Sisyphean trap of unending banality—that’s undeniable. However, this garbage fire managed to attract two of the biggest stars in Hollywood —Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie (the latter of whom has become extremely selective in her film roles) as its leads.

Madam Mim appears near the end of the book. People of Camelot and Cinderellasburg are in distress due to spotting a dragon in their midst, and later a snake. She had found a way to escape the Isle of the Lost through a magical tunnel underground that led to the dwarf mines of Auradon. Though initially thinking it was Maleficent, the hero kids later find out that it was Madam Mim. After a tough battle, Ben holds her at swordpoint with the legendary sword Excalibur, forcing her to stop mid-attack. Merlin then sends her back to the Isle of the Lost.

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Step 3: Next we need to isolate the lower order bits. Since the bits we want are already in the correct position, we can just mask them out:

The first stage strangely enough, is to build the drivers seat…..?!
I have ignored this, and made a start on stage 2 – the engine.

Her snout has had a few bashes, the badge is snapped, I'll try and repair this by reinforcing the badge from behind, it won't be perfect but she is over 40, you expect the odd wrinkle. She has the correct grille, but the headlamps should be grey.

Wrinkle - Bad Hex - Spectral GlowWrinkle - Bad Hex - Spectral GlowWrinkle - Bad Hex - Spectral Glow