Ron hendren - t.v. tonite with ron hendren: program week #t831-11

Wallace's mother Alice stated, "She might have felt like she couldn't go on", [10] however, Wallace herself said two years later, "I was depressed and OD'd on a few too many sleeping pills. I never attempted suicide." [11]

The program was created by veteran television producer Alfred Masini , who developed Entertainment Tonight following the success of the 1980 debut of the syndicated soul music/dance program he also created, Solid Gold . Paramount Television president Richard Frank and two of his executives at the studio, vice president of programming John E. Goldhammer and vice president of development Mel Harris, hired managers and producers from local television stations around the United States (such as original managing editor Jim Bellows , formerly of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner ) to form the style of Masini's concept. Early on, Frank, Goldhammer and Harris held many discussions with producers, writers and directors about what kind of program ET should be. Although the pilot was executive produced by Jack Haley Jr., Andy Friendly was hired as the show's first producer (Haley remained with the program as an executive consultant when it debuted ).

Each episode of Entertainment Tonight gives viewers an inside look at television, film and music, including interviews with each industry's biggest stars.

Ron Hendren - T.V. Tonite With Ron Hendren: Program Week #T831-11