Darius milhaud / václav smetáček - koncerty pro housle a orchestr

Today, guests generally enter the Palau through the foyer , which was created in the renovations of Tusquets and Díaz from what originally were the headquarters of the Orfeó Català. The large space of the foyer is more soberly decorated than the rest of the Palau, but the wide exposed brick arches with their marvelous glazed green, pink, and yellow ceramic flowers recapitulate the ornamentation of the rest of building. The foyer features a large counter where tapas and beverages can be served to concert-goers or visitors who are touring the building. The bar is situated between massive pillars of brick and is illuminated from behind by expansive stained-glass panes that are suspended above it. A glass case in the foyer displays the Orfeó Català's banner, which bears its crest embroidered on fabric in the modernisme style.

Milhaud (like such contemporaries as Hindemith , Malipiero , Henry Cowell , Hovhaness , Martinů , and Villa-Lobos ) was an extremely rapid creator, for whom the art of writing music seemed almost as natural as breathing. His most popular works include Le bœuf sur le toit (a ballet which lent its name to the legendary cabaret frequented by Milhaud and other members of Les Six), La création du monde (a ballet for small orchestra with solo saxophone , influenced by jazz), Scaramouche (a suite for two pianos, also for alto saxophone or clarinet and orchestra), and Saudades do Brasil (a dance suite). His autobiography is titled Notes sans musique ( Notes Without Music ), later revised as Ma vie heureuse ( My Happy Life ).

Next to Mozart Weber's compositions for clarinet are the most famous and most frequently played ones. He wrote them for his friend, the clarinet player Heinrich Baermann . Weber knew strengths and weaknesses of the instrument much better than Spohr - and then Baermann was not so much a technical player as Hermstedt. This makes Weber's pieces so satisfying. After one successfull concerto he wrote to a friend: "The whole orchestra went crazy and demands concertos from me. They are running wild writing to the King (Ludwig of Bavaria) and the musical board..."

" Flagstad's Sibelius ... is an indispensible record in any Sibelius collection.  ... recommended with the greatest possible enthusiasm " - The Gramophone, 1970

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Darius Milhaud / Václav Smetáček - Koncerty Pro Housle A OrchestrDarius Milhaud / Václav Smetáček - Koncerty Pro Housle A OrchestrDarius Milhaud / Václav Smetáček - Koncerty Pro Housle A OrchestrDarius Milhaud / Václav Smetáček - Koncerty Pro Housle A Orchestr