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At the Ring of Honor Wrestling tapings on August 15, 2009, King beat Lynn. After the match, King and Titus attacked Lynn, and performed a spike piledriver on Lynn, removing Lynn from active competition. [12] [13] He continued on a winning streak, defeating Eddie Kingston and Brent Albright on Ring of Honor Wrestling , before he and Titus defeated The Young Bucks at Clash Of The Contenders . [12] King was part of the initial matches to earn a place in the Pick 6 Conentenders Series rankings, but was unsuccessful. [12] At the Final Battle 2009 pay-per-view , King defeated Roderick Strong and earned the number 4 ranking. [14] On January 29, 2010, King faced Lynn, in Lynn's first match back. Lynn originally won the match, but attacked King after the match was over, causing the referee to reverse the decision, and award King the victory by disqualification . [15] At The Big Bang! pay-per-view on April 3, King lost his Pick Six ranking to Davey Richards . [16] On September 13, 2010, Ring of Honor announced that Layne had signed a contract extension with the promotion. [17]

His touch was described in The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz as "precise", and his playing as being a combination of bebop-influenced melodic improvisation and block chords, including "refreshingly subtle harmonizations". [1]

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During his time with New Orleans, Brees hasn't needed a great defense. He hasn't even needed a decent one. When Sean Payton gives Brees a remotely competent defense, Brees delivers him to the postseason. I've mentioned this before, but the numbers are staggering. Check out the chart on the right.

it’s hard to believe that these records can be spoken of in a retrospective context – it seems like just yesterday they were released!! I’m a youngster I suppose, and the 90’s were my decade of anxiously awaiting every new release, as opposed to systematically exploring the vast archives of decades past (which I also did). So I was quite impressionable, but here are a few off the top of my head that have made the most lasting impression on me, in no particular order:

By the time Clementine had left the New Frontier, she had become much colder and aloof towards others. She no longer travels in groups as she believes that it is inevitable that members will eventually die and the bonds that you make with them will only hurt you further, mirroring Jane's perspective on the subject. Clementine has become much more hardened as a survivor, showing little compunction in harming or dealing with people mercilessly. Despite her cold exterior, she is still capable of showing her prior self to people she has warmed up to such as Javier. She also maintained some of her innocence, such as when she was going through her period, she didn't know what was happening to her, and became slightly afraid before being calmed down by Javier. After the rebuild of Richmond, Clementine went away to find Alvin she waited so long for this, showing that his well being is more important than anything else in Clem's mind.

The Kenny Drew Trio Kenny Drew Trio MorningThe Kenny Drew Trio Kenny Drew Trio MorningThe Kenny Drew Trio Kenny Drew Trio MorningThe Kenny Drew Trio Kenny Drew Trio Morning