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If Justin Timberlake tried to pull the same thing off in Minneapolis, he would get crushed for pandering jingoism. For taking sides. Maybe something worse. "Even Bono wouldn't stoop to this!" , Twitter might decry. But in February 2002? The world's biggest rock star at America's greatest spectacle repping freedom and brotherhood in trying times? It's the same Bono we have today, but it was a different country. His jacket closer felt like an atomic FU shot right up the hidden passageway of Bin Laden's Terrorcave. I watched this at my buddy's off-campus apartment with a group of about 20 people, only a few of which were actual U2 fans. But everyone loved it. For 12 minutes, a single band hit every note, musically and otherwise. It will always be my proudest moment of U2 fandom.

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Join us and let us ferry you to the sounds at Madison Square Garden. Discover what you’ve been looking for, where you too can experience U2! Step aboard Seastreak and experience life at a different beat.

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U2 - You Too - Catch The BeatU2 - You Too - Catch The BeatU2 - You Too - Catch The BeatU2 - You Too - Catch The Beat