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  This section contains relics such as Hopewell, Adena, Platform Pipes, Tube Pipes, Intrusive Mound and other related artifacts specific to the Woodland Period are collectively grouped for the whole North American Continent. This time period is attributed to the start of the hunters and gatherers

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An artifact kind identified by a common description or concept can include several subtypes or species; for example, there are different paper clip types for which their authors (that is, their inventors) obtained separate patents; these fall under the more general artifact kind ‘paper clip’. Commonly used artifact kinds (pens, paper clips, computers, etc.) evolve over time as different authors and designers try to improve earlier artifact types or adapt them to new conditions and purposes. (See Petroski 1992a, 1992b.)

Social artifacts, unlike archaeological artifacts, do not need to have a physical form (for example virtual artifact ), nor to be of historical value (items created seconds ago can be classified as social artifacts).

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As Artifacts - ReclamationAs Artifacts - ReclamationAs Artifacts - ReclamationAs Artifacts - Reclamation