Various - singing activities - volume 5 for upper grades

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been singing for 30 years. I have a pretty high voice and sing in clubs, etc.
I have struggled for YEARS over stamina. I can sing 2 nights fine. The third gives me problems but isn’t impossible. A 4th in a row is impossible. My shows are about 4 hours a night and I sing 90% of the tunes. I’ve had lessons forever. I’ve also tried many of the “programs” out there. I still have stamina issues. The Phlegm sensation is something that I have a lot of, but I’ve been to a few doctors now and they’ve scoped me and have told me my chords are fine. Not sure what else would cause it, but I do know that it’s way frustrating.

Singing bowls fill the air with harmonic vibrations, adding depth and dimension to any personal prayer or meditative activity. The singing bowl is used during Buddhist practices like meditation, prayer and trance induction. Friction created by a mallet rubbed around its rim produces astonishingly complex and continuous overtones of great harmony. A more mellow tone can be produced by striking the bowl with a mallet wrapped in soft material.  Meditation bowls are made of various metal types and sizes for unique tonal qualities.

The Singing Christmas Trees  is a presentation of First Baptist Orlando.  We are located at the southwest corner of the I-4/John Young Pkwy Interchange.  Take I-4 to the John Young Parkway exit and head north on John Young.  First Baptist Orlando will be on your left.  Parking attendants will help you park.  Doors open one hour prior to each presentation.

The development of the orchestra by Hector Berlioz , Giuseppe Verdi , and Wagner in the 19th century encouraged singers to seek means of amplifying their voices by methods of resonation unknown in the bel canto style, and a new method was established of “singing on resonance.” Jean de Reszke , who emphasized the function of the nose in resonation, was the main exponent of this school. Apart from the facial mask and the nose, other resonators were held to be the hard palate and the teeth.

Various - Singing Activities - Volume 5 For Upper GradesVarious - Singing Activities - Volume 5 For Upper GradesVarious - Singing Activities - Volume 5 For Upper GradesVarious - Singing Activities - Volume 5 For Upper Grades