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Although relatively young company Valka has already gained a proven reputation for producing high-quality products. The company has emphasized on designing high technology hardware and software aimed at enhancing the customer’s productivity, through innovative solutions and with effective teamwork. Representing highly experienced individuals from the technical side of the seafood industry, the Valka team shares the vision and principles of solving the customers mission critical problems promptly and efficiently.
Through a rapidly growing international continues to grow its customer’s base and expand its product portfolio. The Valka atmosphere is fostered with innovation and creativity with the founder, Helgi Hjálmarsson, in forefront as the CEO. Valka currently holds 5 patents with more pending.
We commit long term to serve our customers, constantly strive to improve our products and continually evolve our offerings to match the needs of the clients.

. Mrs Bergdís Ellertsdóttir
Ambassador / Head of Mission
+32 (0)2 238 50 27

The amount and variety of instruments on stage is very impressive but completely expected for an album as organic as their debut. Huge singalongs occur during 'Dirty Paws' whilst the unexpected hit single 'Little Talks' makes the audience erupt in delight as they dance along with this charismatic band. Of Monsters and Men's live show is an incredibly enjoyable experience as the band prove they have immeasurable potential.

Offering the first true brewpub in the area of Fort Rouge, we have set our sites high to bring Kristján Kristjánsson ’s vision for playful comfort food paired with ...

Vendla II has been sold from Norway to Iceland/Greenland.  We at Alasund Shipbrokers  and are quite happy to see Vendla II follow her sister Hoffell (ex. Smaragd) to Iceland. Alasund Shipbrokers sold ex. We wish new owners good luck with their new quality vessel. Delivery took place in Skagen/Denmark, February 13th 2015.

A lyric video to the song was released in 2014. The video features a large two-legged creature carrying a flag through an Icelandic mountainscape, with squadrons of dragon-like birds flying in the sky.

Kristján Kristjánsson K.K. Lucky OneKristján Kristjánsson K.K. Lucky OneKristján Kristjánsson K.K. Lucky OneKristján Kristjánsson K.K. Lucky One