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But some politicians have backed Mr Veale, including current Salisbury MP John Glen, who described him as a “dedicated and principled police officer”, who did “the right thing and decided that every allegation of such a serious crime must be judged on its own merits, however unpleasant and controversial.”

I think it is a disjointed collection of stories and I reckon he makes some of the presentation up along the way. For example he finishes his presentation with a quote from Jonah Sulk (if all the insects were to disappear etc) and finishes that quote with "and he is right" to much applause. What's the relevance! he does this all the way through his presentation and I ask myself, so what, why did he tell me that. I have also asked many people what they think. I'm not totally alone. 1/3 ask so what and wish he would get to the bloody point, 2/3 love him to death and feel moved and inspired.

the official video for Grown Man Cry, directed by australian director Steven Mitchell Wright (The Danger Ensemble). made RETROACTIVELY THANKS TO THE BEAUTY OF PATREON….
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In a revival of the diplomacy “linkages” that were made famous by Henry Kissinger during the Nixon years, the administration of President Ronald Reagan announces that further progress on arms talks will be linked to a reduction of Soviet oppression in Poland. The . ploy was but one more piece...

Operation Conifer was launched in 2015 by Wiltshire Police and will reveal its findings on Thursday. They will be passed to the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse. The force would not comment yesterday.

 · Sax Great Jimmy Heath 'Walked With Giants,' And He's Still Here The composer and bandleader made his first recordings in the late 1940s. In the decades ...

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Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn leaves Labour Party HQ this morning, following a general election yesterday. Parliament is hung, with no individual party gaining an overall majority. Post general election reaction.

While at university Heath became active in Conservative politics. On the key political issue of the day, foreign policy, he opposed the Conservative-dominated government of the day ever more openly. His first Paper Speech (. a major speech listed on the Order Paper along with the visiting guest speakers) at the Oxford Union , in Michaelmas term 1936, was in opposition to the appeasement of Germany by returning her colonies, confiscated during the First World War.

Ted Heath And His Music - Them That Has- GetsTed Heath And His Music - Them That Has- GetsTed Heath And His Music - Them That Has- GetsTed Heath And His Music - Them That Has- Gets