Various - dance max vol.1

8-track cartridge edition offers the extended version of " Berlin " (added about 1 minute of piano instrumental music on ending part).

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Gloria Swanson is all flounce and swagger as Zaza, a street gamine turned music hall star, strutting her stuff, tossing off quips and taunts with her irrepressible backside, which is sometimes adorne...  More

In October 2006, a track-by-track cover of the album was released by indie rock band The Walkmen . Several covers of the song "Don't Forget Me" have appeared, including Marshall Crenshaw 's treatment on the 1995 Nilsson tribute For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson , alt-country artist Neko Case 's March 2009 version on her ANTI- label release, Middle Cyclone , and Mamie Minch's contribution to 2014's tribute to Nilsson by various Indie artists This Is the Town: A Tribute to Nilsson, Vol. 1 .

Various - Dance Max Vol.1Various - Dance Max Vol.1Various - Dance Max Vol.1Various - Dance Max Vol.1