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The original Zs'Skayr was once the High Ecto-Lord of  Anur Phaetos . He learned about the Omnitrix from the data files of one of  Vilgax 's data probes, which crash-landed on his planet. Not long afterward, he met up with Myaxx while she was scouting the planet for DNA samples, offering his assistance in acquiring samples from the nearby planet of Flors Verdance .

Come Sunday at the 2005 Booz Allen Classic, the brisk-moving, hot-tempered Sabbatini has already played three rounds with Ben Crane, a man known for his lawn-statue pace of play. Something has to give. And sure enough, it does. On the par-four 17th, after dunking his approach shot into the drink, Sabbatini storms up to the green while Crane cogitates back in the fairway. When Crane finally plays his second shot, Sabbatini chips up, putts out and moves on to 18, leaving his playing partner—and his good graces—behind. Despite the breach of etiquette, Sabbatini emerges as a semi-sympathetic figure. "We all feel for Rory," fellow Tour pro Geoff Ogilvy says. "He played three rounds with Ben and Ben will admit that's painful. . It's good the issue (of slow play) is out there but, unfortunately, Rory came off looking like an idiot."

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Kevin's outlook began to change when he met Kwarrel , a fellow prisoner in the Null Void . Becoming somewhat of a mentor and father-figure to him, Kwarrel helped greatly improve Kevin's personality and he decided to become a hero (which explains his initial motive of destroying Ben to save the Earth when he was associated with Amalgam Kids after he was found by the Rooters). In Alien Force , despite Kevin having become a con artist and an arms broker, he was more stable and somewhat mature. As time went on and Kevin was accepted by Ben and Gwen, who were once his most hated enemies, his personality and psyche improved greatly to the point that he became a trustworthy and reliable ally. He once told Ben in that he was grateful to them for changing his life. [1] Kevin's current personality is similar to a younger Max's. [2]

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Ben Levin Group - Freak MachineBen Levin Group - Freak MachineBen Levin Group - Freak MachineBen Levin Group - Freak Machine