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For the 2018 UK tour, the Stranglers are also pleased to announce that Therapy? will be their special guests. One of the most uncompromising, creative and individualistic bands of their generation, Therapy? made a spectacular breakthrough in 1994 with their multi hit-spawning album, Troublegum, which clocked up a cool million sales worldwide. The group are expecting to release their 15th album in early 2018 and have spent much of the past year performing a series of critically-acclaimed acoustic dates.

Dear Friends,

After 3 solid years of playing, recording, touring and living together we have decided to put Doyle & The Fourfathers to rest. This has not been an especially easy decision to make but unfortunately nothing runs as expected in the world of rock and roll. While it may seem on the exterior as though our star has been constantly rising in the last 6 months, the internal reality of the situation is quite different. There are an unspeakable number of factors that have contributed to this conclusion, some to do with the trials of the music industry, others deeply personal.

As such, we are incredibly sorry to announce that we will also be cancelling all currently scheduled gigs. We sincerely apologise to all fans and promoters who have made arrangements for our arrival in their venues and cities. The only constantly reliable and consistently helpful forces over our 3 jam-packed years of activity have come pretty much solely from the hearts of hard working promoters and relentlessly passionate fans. We are very sorry that we are not able to honour our agreements with you all.

We are currently considering the possibilities of playing some final gigs together in mid to late September. We will keep you updated on the progress of this plan.

We would like to thank the following people for their invaluable support over the years: Gary Williams and other staff at Barton Peveril College for allowing us to use their facilities to rehearse and record in from day one. Martin Clark for his impressively constant support, charity and hospitality. We all raise a hoppy pint to you, Martin. Neil Kennedy and Steve Bega of The Ranch Production House for their stellar work on the 'Man Made' recording sessions and very helpful use of their facilities after hours. Ben Phillips on the amazing Lightship 95 for his work on the 'Olympics Critical' recording sessions. Graham Sutton in Argentina for his work producing 'Olympics Critical' and offering us exciting new ideas and possibilities that we would never have uncovered on our own. Josh Kell for his unquestionable talent and creativity when it came to taking photographs. Paul Vanezis for his superb work on the 'Welcome to Austerity' video. Mark Aaron for his talent and passion when it came to the many graphic design jobs needed over the years. Tony, Jim and the rest of the Bugbear team for letting us play time and time again. We couldn't have done it without you. Any promoters who have put us on once, twice or however many times at their fabulous venues. Brad at Monkeyfest for your hard work and undeniable enthusiasm. We sincerely apologise for having to cancel on you at the last minute. The Undertones and their crew for taking us around the country a couple of times. They were truly some of the highest points of our time as a band. Shaun, Jo & Leela, Colleen & Dermot, Pete & Jill, Cath, the Found family and Clare & Danny for selflessly offering us places to stay and cooking us breakfast when we were in your parts of the world. The members of the Save 6 Music campaign who gave us a much needed injection of confidence and support at a crucial time, it was our pleasure to have been involved. Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music for giving us our first, much needed spell of national exposure. Similarly, thank you to Chris Hawkins, Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson on 6 Music for their undying support and indeed anyone on any radio station who has played us at any point over the last 3 years. Martin Morris for stepping up to the plate and helping us out considerably over the last couple of months. Kosmic Karl for his contribution and generosity at a difficult time and for showing us the doorway to where we would eventually transcend many astral planes together. Michael Goozee and Andy Napleton for their incredibly valuable involvement while it lasted. John Parry and Peter Crocker for their management, financial support and love in both the good times and the bad. Our families for their unconditional love and support and finally to anyone who has ever watched us live, bought something, told their friends about us, given us a place to stay, fed us and bought us a drink over the years. It would have all been pointless without you…

Alex, Ben and Will.

Doyle & The Fourfathers

[Verse 1]
I went to my local library
To go and borrow books for free
But to my shock and my surprise
The library had met its demise
It's all a sign of the rising tide

[Verse 2]
Meanwhile in the treasury tonight
The belt is tightened oh so tight
The Chancellor stands proud and tall
Though he must be feeling very small
That is, if he can feel at all

[Verse 3]
For what he doesn't want us all to know
Is the lie that everything must go
So he deals a diet of deceit
For the panicked public picnicking
But it ain't so sweet


[Verse 4]
Cause he's been urinating on our shoes
Then blaming rain like the perfect ruse
But we've all seen the forecast for
The next five days and maybe more
And there's not a sign of a downpour

[Verse 5]
So Chancellor, you're not the only one
Who swings his axe around for fun
I have been known to wield my own
And I am quite accident prone
And I'm not alone


For now is not the time for apathy
Or disenchantment in our melody
I cannot gloss over this message that I sent
It says, welcome to Austerity, my friends

[Verse 6]
Welcome to Austerity, my friends
Welcome to Austerity, my friends
Welcome to Austerity, my friends
Welcome to Austerity, my friends
This is the end, this is the end


Will is a confident but shy young man. He looks like an academic sort, more like a lecturer than a student though. He’s quite ordinary-looking but with a quiet offstage charisma. I told him I imagined audiences either thought he was a great showman, a proper performer or ”¦ a poncey git?

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Doyle & The Fourfathers - Olympics CriticalDoyle & The Fourfathers - Olympics CriticalDoyle & The Fourfathers - Olympics CriticalDoyle & The Fourfathers - Olympics Critical