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I'd been meaning to try this for a long while, as I'm an avid fan of musk. I found myself with an hour to spare at an airport, and availed myself to a dainty spritz of this at the Duty Free store.

I instantly recognized that scent. Unmistakable...though it took me several minutes of deep thought while intermittently sniffing the back of my hand to land on what exactly this fragrance was recalling.

Then it hit me.

About ten years ago, in my hometown, I passed by a homeless man who had approximately nine or ten cats in and around his shopping cart. I can not resist petting a cat, and with each additional creature, my will grows weaker.

But oh, it was a mistake. The fur of the cats was heavily matted with potent, dirty musk, and a good dose of that uniquely pungent feline urine.

And that is what the renowned, revered Kiehl's Original Musk smells like to me--such an exact match that it dredged that decade-old memory from the bowels of my brain to howl in my ear: wash your hands immediately.