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Thousands of properties in Palm Beach County that weren't in a flood zone previously will now be in one come October when the new FEMA flood map will take effect.

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There are three predominant kinds of scallops harvested in the . for commercial purposes. The trio includes bay, calico and sea scallops. By far, the sweetest of these are the bays. Prior to the brown tide scourge in the eighties, scallops would ride currents into protected bays, inlets and estuaries by the thousands. Knowing that bay scallops prefer to cling to eelgrass during their larval process, scallopers knew just where to look and were all but guaranteed a quick bushel. When toxicity depleted the eelgrass beds, and shark killings rose (., sharks eat stingrays, stingrays eat scallops), the bay scallop population suffered. It took many years of Mother Nature’s healing and human aquaculture efforts to turn this around. Right now, in the fall of 2012, there are scallops lying in northeastern bays, though less abundantly than in the heydays my father enjoyed some 40 years ago, but enough to make the effort worth the reward.

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Dirty Dike - Waste Of Beer / Strange JamesDirty Dike - Waste Of Beer / Strange JamesDirty Dike - Waste Of Beer / Strange JamesDirty Dike - Waste Of Beer / Strange James