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Dj Mike-Nice is ne of the top names in the area when it comes to American Hip-Hop, RnB & Dirty South! Currently stationed on Panzer Kaserne in Stuttgart, Germany his exceptional knowledge of the music genres and ability to read crowds guarantee to capture the crowd and put on a show every time he steps into the dj-booth. Regular international club bookings from the United States to Germany speak for themselves! Not to mention his successful mixtape series which are proven to show his skills, versatility as well as are known to set trends in the game. Associate of . Ent (Germany), HatLo Ent (/USA), INVADERS International Crew & resident DJ jobs in two of the hottest American Hip-Hop clubs in southern Germany underline that Mike-Nice is definitely hot in demand!

Zahran is also co-founder and a former board director of Nahdet El Mahrousa, one of the largest youth-run NGOs in Egypt, which works on various youth development projects.

In 2007, Berghain collaborated with the Berlin State Ballet to create "Shut Up and Dance! Updated", a ballet for five dancers that was performed at the club in late June and early July of that year. [19] [20] The ballet's soundtrack, released on Ostgut Ton on May 29, 2007, [20] is made up of five specially composed tracks by prominent minimal techno artists, such as Luciano , Âme, Sleeparchive and Luke Slater (The 7th Plain). [21] The soundtrack received some positive reviews, [16] [22] including a five-star review in The Guardian , [23] while the ballet itself received bad notices from Resident Advisor ( RA ) magazine. [24]

On May 28th, 2013, Fritsch launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign [25] to produce a documentary film about the story of Technoviking and the legal controversy surrounding his video.

WW II led to destruction of most of central Berlin, thus many of the buildings which we see nowadays are reconstructed or planned and built after the war, which led to a very fragmented cityscape in most parts of the inner town. Berlin was divided into four sectors (West Berlin into the French, American and British sector, East Berlin belonged to the USSR). In 1949 the German Democratic Republic ("East Germany") was founded with East Berlin as its capital. West Berlin remained occupied by the western Allies and kept a close relationship with West Germany (with Bonn as the capital) and was an exclave (political island) in East Germany. Because of the growing tensions between West Germany and the GDR, the GDR built a militarized and increasingly impassable border between the states, and then in 1961 surrounded West Berlin with a wall.

Technoviking is the nickname given to a musclebound man dancing in a video shot during the annual techno music festival Fuckparade in July 2000.

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Various - Berlin Techno 5Various - Berlin Techno 5Various - Berlin Techno 5Various - Berlin Techno 5