Daybreak - after the rain

Hurricane Maria continues to barrel through the northern Caribbean. As of 1:45 . AST Friday, the eyewall is approaching the Turks and Caicos, heading northwest at a speed of 7 mph. Torrential rain and high waves are threatening the northern coast of Hispanoila as the storm moves away from the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Maria is currently 45 miles southeast of Grand Turk Island. Sustained winds are measured at 125 mph as the storm remains a Category 3 hurricane.

Team of Professionals

Our community is excited to have partnered with a wonderful team of professionals to help turn our dream into reality.
There are too many to list here and we want to highlight a few of our key partners.

We teamed up with Grace Kim and Mike Mariano of   Schemata Workshop  to head our architectural design team and Carrington Barrs and Gabe Genauer of  B&G Builders  supported us during our site search, worked closely with the design team, and kept us on track during construction.

We appreciate the enthusiasm, help and support of our other professionals.

A pregnant woman who expresses ambivalence about her condition, the narrator uses colorful comparisons and bleak images to suggest that she feels like she has lost her own identity.

An older man was doubled over, but he was on the far side of the pillar, not a location that suggested he could have been hit.  He was elderly, with gray hair that still had color in it.  Two people had already drawn close to him, supporting him while he knelt, rocking slightly in place.  The sound he made was the heartbroken, strained sound that people made when they couldn’t even draw in a full breath.

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Daybreak - After The RainDaybreak - After The RainDaybreak - After The RainDaybreak - After The Rain