Alfredo de la fé - 16 grandes sucesos de cuba

He was born to a father who was a singer in Havana and sang on Cuban radio. It was his father who encouraged his talents.

These elders told me that we Borromeos of Cebu Province (and Island) are related to other Borromeos in the Philippines going back even further in time. The father of Carlos Borromeo IV y Felis (born 1795) was Carlos Borromeo III (born 1770). We believe that Carlos Borromeo IV y Felis was born in Bacolod, Negros in 1795 and that he settled in Cebu. Negros and Cebu are neighboring islands in the Visayas region of the Philippine archipelago. The father of Carlos Borromeo III was Carlos Borromeo II (born circa 1745). Carlos Borromeo III is believed to have been born in Iloilo, Panay (yet another island within the Visayas region) in 1770 and to have settled in Bacolod, Negros. His father Carlos Borromeo II was born in Cavite on Luzon (not part of the Visayas) in 1745 and is believed to have settled in Iloilo, Panay. We believe that the father of Carlos Borromeo II was Carlos Capitan Aro Borromeo I who was born in 1720 and eventually settled his family in Cavite on the island of Luzon.  Among the Borromeo family of Negros Oriental, there is a legend that their Borromeo ancestors migrated from Northern Italy to Spain, and then to the Philippines.  My own Tito Tomas Cabrera Borromeo (my mother’s second degree cousin) once told me that his father (Lolo Marcial Borromeo y Guerrero) believed that our ancestor Carlos “Capitan Aro” Borromeo came from Canton (China) to Cavite (on the island of Luzon in the Philippines).  Based upon what we know today, it is possible that members of the Borromeo family migrated from Lombardy in northern Italy to Spain, France (specifically Corsica where the surname is spelled in Latin as “Borromei”), the New World (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile), to China (Canton) and finally to the Philippines and even to India.  In Brazil, the surname is spelled in Portuguese as “Borromeu.”

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Alfredo De La Fé - 16 Grandes Sucesos De CubaAlfredo De La Fé - 16 Grandes Sucesos De CubaAlfredo De La Fé - 16 Grandes Sucesos De CubaAlfredo De La Fé - 16 Grandes Sucesos De Cuba