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When the Dodgers signed Hill to a three-year, $48 million contract last December, his voice cracked with emotion at the MLB winter meetings. He's 37 years old and there were a lot of days when he never could have fathomed hitting a jackpot of that magnitude.

It was good.....Thought the food was creative (carrot & pork stuffed perigoi) and well presented. Portions are not small. Service was attentive and they have a pretty good wine list. I would recommend going!

Is there a counterargument to all this? Yes. The NFL is an employer and it can do whatever it damn well wants with it employees, as long as it stays within the lines of the relevant law and collectively-bargained agreements with the players’ union. It was the NFL owners and Goodell, though, who set themselves up for scrutiny by insisting , over and over, they would get this right, bringing in the best and most qualified independent experts and building clear, consistent standards and fair, transparent processes.

And you know what? Good for Cutler. He struck out in free agency, was set to move on with his life, and now suddenly has a starting job ... worth eight figures ... on a promising team ... in Miami ... with perhaps the only coach in the NFL who knows how to harness his abilities.

Jerry Harrison - Casual GodsJerry Harrison - Casual GodsJerry Harrison - Casual GodsJerry Harrison - Casual Gods