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Thirty yeass ago, Jim Gray noted that “A way to improve availability is to install proven hardware and software, and then leave it alone.” 1 For companies that provide services over the Internet, “leaving it alone” isn't an option. Such service providers must continually make changes to increase the service's value, such as adding features and improving performance. At Netflix, engineers push new code into production and modify runtime conguration parameters hundreds of times a day. (For a look at Netflix and its system architecture, see the sidebar.) Availability is still important; a customer who can't watch a video because of a service outage might not be a customer for long.

The Adepts of the Adeptus Terra , the Priesthood of Earth, cling to power ferociously, ruling on in the name of the corpse on the Golden Throne despite the Emperor’s millennia-long silence. They hold the worlds of the Imperium in a constant state of terror, proselytising their zealotry and feeding the fears of the populace to keep them cowed and malleable. An Imperial citizen is raised from birth to believe that unseen forces are gathering to attack them and that their way of life could be destroyed at any moment, and that only the God-Emperor stands between them and damnation. Under the guise of protection whole populations are held hostage to authoritarian controls; searches, seizures and summary executions are routinely justified under the banner of omnipresent threat.

Basically, the very first sentence in his ugly guilt manipulation procedure about allegedly "breaking the law" is the evidence in itself. Furthermore, it is probably one of the most telling indications and a living proof that his whole "evil fighting" trip to "save the world" is nothing but a fake, or, at best, an attempt of the blind to lead the blind, the inevitable outcome of which is both of them falling into a pit, just as has been stated in the New Testament.

Figure 3. Left, schematic of a tree-like fractal has self-similar branchings such that the small scale (magnified) structure resembles the large scale form. Right, a fractal process such as heart rate regulation generates fluctuations on different time scales (temporal "magnifications") that are statistically self-similar. (Adapted from Goldberger AL. Non-linear dynamics for clinicians: chaos theory, fractals, and complexity at the bedside. Lancet 1996; 347 :1312-1314.) From a mechanistic viewpoint, these self-similar cardiopulmonary structures all serve a common physiologic function: rapid and efficient transport over a complex, spatially distributed system. In the case of the ventricular electrical conduction system, the quantity transported is the electrical stimulus regulating the timing of cardiac contraction (31). For the vasculature, fractal branchings provide a rich, redundant network for distribution of O 2 and nutrients and for the collection of CO 2 and other metabolic waste products. The fractal tracheo-bronchial tree provides an enormous surface area for exchange of gases at the vascular-alveolar interface, coupling pulmonary and cardiac function (30). Fractal geometry also underlies other important aspects of cardiac function. Peskin and McQueen (32) have elegantly shown how fractal organization of connective tissue in the aortic valve leaflets relates to the efficient distribution of mechanical forces. A variety of other organ systems contain fractal structures that serve functions related to information distribution (nervous system), nutrient absorption (bowel), as well collection and transport (biliary duct system, renal calyces) (2, 3, 30).