Brown's ferry four the brown's ferry four sacred songs

On the night of October 16, 1859, Brown led 21 followers—five black men and 16 white ones, including two of Brown’s sons—on a raid to seize the . Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia), where the Shenandoah River joins the North Branch of the Potomac. More than one version exists of what his plans were for the weapons he hoped to make off with. Some say he intended to create a state of free blacks in the mountains of western Virginia and Maryland. Others say he hoped to create an army of former slaves and freemen to march through Dixie, forcing slave owners to free their slaves. Brown himself may not have been entirely clear on what the next step would be, but he had convinced a number of Northern abolitionists to provide financial support for his actions, here and elsewhere.

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Preston and Jackson were standing so close to the gallows, they could hear everything that John Brown said, according to Col. Keith Gibson, executive director of the VMI Museum and Archives in Lexington, Va. They became eyewitnesses to an execution that would change the course of the country’s history and help fuel the Civil War.

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The details of the Dubai visit emerge at a time when Brown is under increasing scrutiny and pressure over revelations over the Gupta family’s influence and deals with state-owned entities over which she presides.

Brown's Ferry Four The Brown's Ferry Four Sacred SongsBrown's Ferry Four The Brown's Ferry Four Sacred SongsBrown's Ferry Four The Brown's Ferry Four Sacred SongsBrown's Ferry Four The Brown's Ferry Four Sacred Songs