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The City values partnerships and networking opportunities with other municipalities, academic institutions, and organizations around the world. Request to meet with City staff or members of Council about: 

Since 2014, Ward has been featured on the Blue Jays' radio broadcasts for Sportsnet 590 The Fan. He occasionally fills in for regular colour commentator Joe Siddall .

They also adopt a City Council Policies and Procedures Manual that helps define how the Council operates.

The Council appoints the City Manager with administrative responsibility to carry out the Council's policies and the day-to-day operations of the City.

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The judge could make a decision from the bench at the end of the hearing. More likely, he will make it in the weeks following. He has had plenty of time to read the motions -- they were filed in March and April as the hearing was originally scheduled for April 28 but was postponed as mediation and settlement talks continued. It was then set for June 23 but canceled by Hurd, who initially decided to rule solely on the written arguments. The Sept. 8 hearing was postponed because the Wards' lawyers are from Houston and were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Maryland head coach Jim Tatum , who had previously coached eight first-team All-Americans at Oklahoma and coached six aside from Ward at Maryland , [13] [15] said that Ward was "the greatest football player I've seen ounce-for-ounce, and the best I've ever coached." [1] Quarterback Jack Scarbath considered Ward one of Maryland's best all-time linemen alongside Randy White . [6] Teammate and first-round NFL Draft pick Ed Modzelewski said, [16] "I still believe he was the greatest player, pound for pound, that I have seen in either pro or college ball." [3] Ward was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1980, [1] and into the University of Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame in 1984. [17]

Ward 6 The structure at 858 Payne Ave. was built by one Magnus Lindgren around 1885.  Lindgren apparently owned and operated a saloon here until he was bought out by the Hamm's Brewery in 1903.  Along with other breweries in the pre-Prohibition era, Hamm's at that time owned and operated a string of bars, so-called "tied houses," across the city.  These bars would offer only Hamm's products.  Hamm's, we are told, was responsible for building the beautiful wooden bar (both front and back) and operated the place up till Prohibition was enacted in 1920.

Bob Ward - At Home With Bob WardBob Ward - At Home With Bob WardBob Ward - At Home With Bob WardBob Ward - At Home With Bob Ward